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Education and Professional Experience

2004 Degree in Agricultural Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
2006 MSc degree in Agricultural Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
2009 Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
2011-2012     Postdoctoral research fellow, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
2014-2017 Postdoctoral research fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2017- Postdoctoral research fellow, National Chao-Tung University

Invited talks

  1. Tanahashi M., Kubota K., Hosoya T., Fukatsu T. Discovery of mycangia and symbiotic yeasts in stag beetles and their association with oviposition preference on decaying wood. 7th Symposium and Workshop on the Conservation of Saproxylic Beetles. Keynote speech, 12 May 2012. Granada - Spain.

  2. (Japanese)
  3. 棚橋薫彦「クワガタムシの菌嚢と共生酵母」昆虫共生酵母研究会第1回シンポジウム.2015年6月1日.島根大学.
  4. 棚橋薫彦「実は奥深いクワガタムシと酵母の共生関係~形態、行動、分子からゲノムまで~」日本応用動物昆虫学会第59回大会小集会. 2015年3月27日.山形大学.
  5. 棚橋薫彦「マルカメムシの必須共生細菌の伝達を担う『カプセルタンパク質』」.日本進化学会第15回大会シンポジウム「進化的原動力としての共生」. 2013年8月30日.筑波大学.
  6. 棚橋薫彦「楽しい共生? クワガタムシが運ぶ酵母」個体群生態学会シンポジウム.2011年10月16日.岡山大学.

Research Projects and Fundings

  1. Project: Functional analysis of insect-fungal symbiosis in wood feeding Scarabaeoidea beetles.
    PI: Masahiko Tanahashi
    Funding agency: The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
    Duration: 2014-2016
  2. Biomass conversion of thinning wood by saproxylic insects.
    PI: Masahiko Tanahashi
    Funding agency: The Japan Science Society (JSS)
    Duration: 2010
  3. Synergetic effect of wood-boring insects and their gut microorganisms on carbon dioxide emissions from dead wood in the forest ecosystem.
    PI: Masahiko Tanahashi
    Funding agency: The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
    Duration: 2008-2010


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