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Farewell party for Ashok and Yu-min, Welcome party for Gwen.

This party was organized at 鮮極 日本料理 (Japanese Shushi restaurant) in Hsinchu on 17th October 2017.


Summer trip to Jianshi

Summer trip was organized to Jianshi in Hsinchu county on 6-7th July 2017.


Farewell party for Olya and kids

The farewell party for Olya, Shasha and Arshusha was organized at NoLa Kitchen on June 26th 2017.


Summer trip to Jianshi

Summer trip was organized to Jianshi in Hsinchu county on 22nd August 2016.


Summer trip to Jianshi

Summer trip was organized to Jianshi in Hsinchu county on 23rd July 2015.


Farewell Party for Prof. Shinsuke Shigeto.

Farewell party for Prof. Shinsuke Shigeto with Dr. Sudhakar Narra, Chun-fu Chang and Lab members.


Farewell Party for Dr. Hemanth at Jianshi.

Farewell party for Dr. Hemanth was held at Jianshi.


Welcome Party for Dr. Sohshi Yabumoto, Dr. Ashok Samuel, 曾韋軒 and 何長榮.

Welcome Party for Dr. Sohshi Yabumoto, Dr. Ashok Samuel, 曾韋軒 and 何長榮 was held at Gen Tei shoku, Big City on 30th April, 2014.


Farewell Party for Dr. Rintaro Shimada and Dr. Hajime Okajima.

Farewell party for Dr. Rintaro Shimada and Dr. Hajime Okajima was held at Gen Tei shoku, Big City on 27th March, 2014.


Welcome Lunch for Ankit

Welcome lunch for our new master student, Ankit Raj, was held at casa De Socrates(蘇格貓底二手書咖啡屋) in NTHU.

ASC 2013

Prof. Hamaguchi delivered an plenary talk at the 4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference (ASC) in Singapore. (December 13, 2012). Dr. Shimada and Dr. Okajima delivered contributed talks, and our visiting student, Po-Hsiung Chen delivered poster presentation at the same conference.

Prof. Satyen Saha of BHU, India

Professor Satyen Saha of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India had stayed in our group for a month. During his stay, he delivered two presentations (at USIL seminar and Tiwan Raman Association Symposium), have done experiments, made a lot of stimulative discussions (and some physical competition) with all the lab members.


Our visiting student Chi-che Yang (楊季哲) successfully defended his Master thesis "Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Serum Carotenoids in Blood Collection Tube" on July 19, 2013 at NYMU. The picture was taken after the graduation ceremony at NCTU with the members of Prof. Shigeto's group. In addition, we are honored to host two cute Russian graduates from our group :)

Cherry blossom

Beautiful cherry blossoms in front of Science Bldg. II is at full bloom.

Tangyuan 湯圓

Students in the Shigeto group cooked tangyuan (湯圓) and we celebrated the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival (冬至).

New office

Prof. Hamaguchi moved to his new office at Rm 345 on the 3rd floor, Science Bldg. II.

ICORS 2012

Prof. Hamaguchi delivered an opening plenary talk at the 23rd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy (ICORS2012) in Bangalore, India. (August 13, 2012). The following day, Dr. Shimada delivered an invited talk at the same conference.

2nd Hsinchu Symposium (ASIMS2012) and USILab Summer Camp 2012

The 2nd Hsinchu Symposium on Advanced Spectroscopy and Imaging on Molecular Science 2012 is held on July 5,6 at NCTU. Prof. Hamguchi gave an opening remarks in Chinese. Following the Symposium, the 1st USILab Student Summer Camp was taken place at a hot-spring hotel in mountain side of Hsinchu county.

Dinner with Prof. Yamamoto and his students

Welcome party for Professor Yamamoto of Shimane University and his two students was held at Chuan-Jia Hakka restaurant(傳家生活小館).

Welcome party hosted by Shigeto Group

Welcome party for celebrating Professor Hamaguchi becoming a full-time chair professor at NCTU as well as joining of two new postdoctoral researchers, Dr. Korepanov and Dr. Shimada was held on Apr. 18. 2012 at Prof. Hamaguchi's temporary office. The party was kindly hosted by Prof. Shigeto and his group members, the other branch of Ultimate Spectroscopy and Imaging Laboratory.