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Education and Professional Experience

2003 M. Sc. (Chemistry), Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
2007 Ph.D. (Physical chemistry), Moscow State University
2008-2011 Research Scientist, Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS, Chernogolovka, Russia
2011-2012     Postdoctoral fellow, NanoCarbon Research Institute Ltd., Ueda, Japan
2012- Postdoctoral Fellow, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Invited Talks

  1. 2014 TISRS, Hualian, Taiwan. Raman spectroscopy for nanoparticles: phonon confinement and particle size distribution in nanodiamond.
  2. 2013 JSAP-MRS Joint Symposia, Kyoto, Japan. Raman spectroscopy of nanodiamonds: particle size and graphite-like carbon.


Original Papers

  1. Three-dimensional model for phonon confinement in small particles: Quantitative bandshape analysis of size-dependent Raman spectra of nanodiamonds,
    Vitaly I. Korepanov, Henryk Witek, Hajime Okajima, Eiji Osawa and Hiro-o Hamaguchi,
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 140, 041107 (2014).
  2. Synthesis and structure of high-quality films of copper polyphthalocyanine - 2D conductive polymer,
    Darya M. Sedlovets, Maksim V. Shuvalov, Yury V. Vishnevskiy, Vladimir T. Volkov, Igor I. Khodos, Oleg V. Trofimov, Vitaly I. Korepanov,
    Materials Research Bulletin, 48 (10), 3955-3960 (2013).
  3. Electrical conductivity and optical properties of thin carbon films grown by pyrolysis of ethanol-water mixture vapor,
    D.M. Sedlovets, A.N. Red'kin, V.I. Korepanov,
    Applied Surface Science, 275, 278-281 (2013).
  4. Electrical conductivity and optical properties of thin carbon films grown from ethanol vapor,
    D. M. Sedlovets, A. N. Red'kin, V. I. Korepanov, O. V. Trofimov,
    Inorganic Materials, 48 (1), 34-39 (2012).
  5. Vapor-Phase Synthesis of Indium (III) Oxide Nanocrystals,
    Korepanov V.I., Red'kin A.N.,
    Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 10, 7625-7628 (2010).
  6. Vibrational, electronic, and vibronic excitations of polar C60F18 molecules: Experimental and theoretical study,
    Popov A.A., Senyavin V.M., Korepanov V.I., Goldt I.V., Lebedev A.M., Stankevich V.G., Menshikov K.A., Svechnikov N.Y., Boltalina O.V., Kareev I.E., Kimura S., Sidorova O., Kanno K., Akimoto I.,
    Phys. Rev. B, 79, 045413 (2009).
  7. Infrared spectrum and structure of 2-thienyl-N-methylfulleropyrrolidine,
    Korepanov V.I., Popov A.A., Senyavin V.M., Yurovskaya M.A., Chernyshova E.S.,
    Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 62, 72-78 (2007).
  8. Vibrational Structure in the Electronic Spectra of C60 and Fullerene Derivatives as Studied by Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory,
    Popov A.A., Korepanov V., Senyavin V.M., Troyanov S., Razbirin B.S., Ovchinnikova N., Yurovskaya M.A., Starukhin A.N.,
    Electrochemical Society Transactions, 2, 121-132 (2007).